My Family

early 2012 and new camera; easter 469

A word on my beautiful family (one is missing in this picture).

I’ll go from left to right. On the far left, my Lego freak of a brother Moses David Augustus. He is, as of January 2013, 12 years old, and an engineering genius, at least from my perspective. He spends most of his time building Legos or drawing. He is the second oldest in the family.

Next, I am sitting with George Sequoia on my lap. I, Jada Rose Serene, am the oldest, at 13 (almost 14), and, as I already stated, I like to read, write, draw, and listen to music. George is 1 and 1/2 and he likes to wreak havoc on everything in his reach. He also likes our cats.

Third from the left is Elias James Shalom. He likes mountains, knives, guns, hunting, etc., etc. He likes to build Legos, too, and he likes to play with action figures with Moses.

On the far right is Justice Lily May. She is 4, and she is a princess. It’s new to my parents, because it’s not a phase I ever went through. she likes pink, dollies, princesses, dresses, fairytales…pretty much anything related to princesses.

Not included in the picture is Wolfgang Lewis. He was born on January 17th, 2013. So far, he hasn’t shown any preference for one thing or another, but I have been monitoring him carefully for any signs of favoritism. He eats, sleeps, urinates, and expels feces from his body.

early 2012 and new camera; easter 563

Next, my parents, Roger and Emerald.

My dad Roger works on a wind farm as a windmill tech, and in his spare time he does a lot of stuff. We purchased the house we are currently living in when it was in terrible shape, and we did manage to fix it up some before we moved in, but it still needs some work, and he does that.

My mom Emerald has a blog at In it she documents our Morocco trip, so if my travels interest you at all, look up her blog. She is a stay-at-home mom, and spends most of her time taking care of us kids. For the last few weeks she’s been sort of out-of-comission, though, because with Wolfgang she had her first-ever c-section.

I have some amazing extended family, too. I have two full sets of grandparents, and a whole slew of second-cousisns and whatnot (my mom has too many first-cousins). I also have two aunts, three uncles, and a ton of great- aunts and uncles.



Jewels out of Dust-Jada Kitts

new camera 2012 030More beautiful than the sunrise

With the sharp clarity of the ocean

In her eyes

And she shines brighter than Helios,

Brighter than the sun.

Her light makes my meager glow

Seem dim, and I’m afraid to show

My talents I deem less than hers

And you don’t know how much it hurts

To live in fear

Of not being good enough

Not being able to compare to her

In all her sparkling glory.

It burns to be inferior

A fire ravages my heart

And of course I knew, right from the start,

That I could not compare to her,

But before last night I felt so sure

That I could make it somewhere…

I’ll stop with the lies

And the foolish hopes

She doesn’t watch as my dreams

Go up in smoke.

Because hers are so real,

And she’s got the talent,

So now mine seem too ambitious,

Yet my mind won’t relent

With the thoughts that I may still have a chance!

Anyone else who feels hopeless

Come and join the dance.

We’ll rise up together,

Make jewels out of dust,

Because, after all, you know, there must

Be a fire hidden inside the stone

And once you can find it, you won’t be alone.

So let her shine her light

And we will shine ours

See how they compare

Like many-hued flowers

And I don’t mean to hurt her,

She really is my friend,

So there may still be hope

For us to mend

The ties between us,

Shattered like glass,

And maybe once I shine,

I won’t be the last.

Maybe she’ll shine with me

We’ll be sister lights

Sister candles

Sister suns

Invading the night

Now listen as our voices intertwine

I can’t help but feel everything will be fine,

Flying into the dawn,

Despite all odds,

And our happiness won’t be

An ugly façade.

Yes, it’s true,

I do still have a chance!

Anyone else who feels hopeless,

Come and join the dance.

We’ll rise up together,

Make jewels out of dust.

Because, after all, you know, there must

Be a fire hidden inside the stone,

And once you can find it,

You won’t be alone.

I wrote this poem on New Years’ 2012. Hope you enjoyed it!

My Traveling Past

So y’all should probably know that I’ve traveled. A lot.

The first long trip me and my family took was to Southeast Asia, when I was seven. We spent the majority of our time in Thailand, at an orphanage where my mom was doing a social work internship, but we also ventured to Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Vietnam. I had my eighth birthday in Thailand. That trip lasted about six months, and when we got back, we stayed put for a while.

The next trip was when I was eleven, and plans changed a little with that one. We had originally planned to go to Syria, where my dad was going to study Arabic, but at the time of our departure, America-Syria relations were not-so-great, so we didn’t end up going there. We ended up in Fes, Morocco, but more on that in a minute. We skipped around a lot getting there and back, spending time in Turkey, Iceland (which I loved!), Ireland, Spain, and Italy.

My heart was broken in Fes. We made so many friends there, friends that are still dear to me, even though I haven’t made contact with them in almost three years. And it really opened my eyes and changed me.

August 2012, I was the first in my family to travel to South America, when me and my grandparents graced my (amazing) Youth Group with our presence on a missions trip.

Since then, I’ve been fairly stationary, but my heart still longs to travel again.


My Favorite Things

So, I thought that if anyone will ever be reading this, you should know a few things about me and how nerdy I am.
Favorite Books: Lord of the Rings, the Bible, The Chronicles of Narnia, anything by Shakespeare…
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, The Yellow Submarine (old cartoon), Benny and Joon, Napoleon Dynamite, Rise of the Guardians…
Favorite Bands/Artists: The Beatles, Matisyahu, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, MGMT…
Favorite Colors: Green and Blue
So yeah…I am a die-hard Christian, I am against dating, and I am homeschooled. I am a freak for anything that involves Legolas or Johnny Depp, and I do not like math.
So that’s pretty much me.

First Post

Hullo! This is my first post, as you can probably tell from the title, and I am super excited! I can already tell we are going to have good times together, inspiring and helping each other through life. Goodbye, and God bless!