Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Koral skinny leg jeans
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H&M buckle boots
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I Dreamed A Dream

I Dreamed A Dream

VILA lace tank
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Qube champagne ballet flat
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Pearl jewelry

Wedding jewelry
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Untitled 1, by Jada Kitts

It’s like recovering

From a wound

From which you never really heal

Starting to be in pain

When you

Could never really feel.

It wasn’t supposed t

To turn out like this,

Spinning in a daze.

Wandering through the world

In a foggy, graying haze.

He said, she said

You said, I said

Someone’s lying,

Is it you?

As much as I hate to believe it

I think that

It might be true.

I love you more than anything,

My only, valuable

Dark friend,

For the love, the peace, the happiness

You had the dignity to


To me, imperfect me,

For only a while,

But all of the pain was worth it

Just to see you smile.


Character: Miranda Devitt

Character: Miranda Devitt