I Dream

I reached up to the sky,

Felt the ends of my hair brush my back.

Roguish sprite,

You know how hard it is for me to sleep,

As is.

The dreams that fill my sleep

Are turning into me, 

Turning me into them. 

They are not

Who I am

But they are 

Who I am. 

And I can’t stop the slow,

Graceless transformation. 

No dream is without meaning,

But they are fearfully cryptic

Most nights.

As I fall into the open arms

Of Sleep, 

Her dark beauty swirled in Nighttime,

A sweeping black cloak glittering with Stars,

I can’t help but wonder

What I will see on this Night,

And what all these strange sights mean.

Perhaps, nothing.

But likely, Something.


I laugh at the thought, because what is the point

Of it meaning Something

If I don’t know what that Something is?


And I slip into the thick, black darkness,

And I dream. 


Highway After a Rain

Reflections shine

Like fallen stars.

They ask me,

“Where are you going?”

“Where have you been?”

And I answer:

I am going into the sky

My ultimate goal, to feel alive…

Not dead, lifeless, 

But bright,


I have been to the dark

And the storm

I have passed

Through heartbreak and harm,

And the only reason that I still breathe

Is that you were there

To stand by me. 

Even when I hurt you,

It wasn’t too much, 

Our love would last.

And now let’s forget

About the past…

You saved me. 

When I Reach Out To Touch Him, My Fingers Brush Emptiness

When I Reach Out To Touch Him, My Fingers Brush Emptiness

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