Lembas Bread

Yes, I made some. Quite a bit. And yes, I took it to Youth Group. And yes, it was delicious.
I used Geeky Chef’s recipe, and accidentally made the loaves a little big, but oh well. So before I went, I told my mother that I was absolutely sure that I would have to explain to absolutely everyone what it was, but I was wrong.
Because my pastor Bryce was there.
He used to be the youth pastor, but now he’s the senior pastor, and he is a total Tolkein geek, like me. So while one of the current youth leaders was telling the youth group that ‘Jada had brought elf food’, Bryce said, “Lembas? No way!”, so I was like “Yes way.”, and he said, “Will one bite fill you up?”, and I said, “Naturally.”, and he was like, “That is awesome!”.
And so later, while we were eating it (it was a hit among the middle-school boys, by the way), Bryce took a bite and was like, “Oh! I’m already full!”.
Our youth group, at the moment, is almost entirely composed of middle-school boys, and, despite having no idea what it was, they immensely enjoyed my ‘elf food’, and ate almost all of it. I had a ton of fun.




So this is me, my brothers, and some of our friends on Halloween. On the far left is my eight-year-old brother Elias, dressed as an alien. The duct tape work on his mask was my doing. Next to Elias is our friend Jaeger, dressed as a hobo magician. He likes card tricks, and is rather…extroverted. Next to Jaeger is my thirteen-year-old brother Moses, dressed as a samurai, or just an all-around martial arts dude. Moses was pretty proud of his costume. Next to Moses is my (awesome) friend Lorenzo, dressed as a street samurai. I wish I had a better picture of his costume, ’cause it was pretty cool. And on the very end is me, dressed as a steampunk masquerader. You can’t see, but the back of my dress laces up. I spent ages working on my costume, and I really like how it turned out. In the very front is Lorenzo and Jaeger’s little brother Bodhi, dressed as a dinosaur.

What These Stories Taught Me


I made this collage, amd I’m pretty proud of it! From Top Left: 1st Row: Redwall; the Princess Bride; the Lord of the Rings; some books. 2nd Row: the Sea of Trolls; the Hobbit; the Looking Glass Wars; the Chronicles of Narnia. 3rd Row: the Lord of the Rings; Les Misérables; the Lord of the Rings; the Chronicles of Narnia. 4th Row: the Looking Glass Wars; Les Misérables; the Hobbit; William Shakespeare.