I Am Bored

So I am wearing sunglasses. Indoors. At night. Because I can.
Also, I was born in 1823.




So yeah. I read TFIOS, and I have been on a serious vlogbrothers kick. LOOK THEM UP ON YOUTUBE NOW, I TELL YOU! NOW! Ehe. Ehehe. Ehehehehehe. See, I laugh just thinking about them. JOHN AND HANK GREEN UNDERSTAND THINGS. Like marshmallows. Signatures. Airports. Fandoms. I can’t decide which of them I like better. They are both adorable and intelligent and funny. Look them up. You will understand.

CD Review: Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’-Music for the Underdog.


This entire CD had me floored.

It is a masterpiece. I tend to have this experience a lot with Arcade Fire (most of the songs on ‘Funeral’ had me breathless). You know, reading the lyrics while the song is playing and then it hits a certain line and its like ‘WHOA’.

I have been listening to it nonstop for two entire days. My bro is very tired of it.

I just got the album the day before yesterday, when my family and I were at Target. I was perusing movies and CDs, as usual, and was leaning heavily towards the Desolation of Smaug soundtrack (I’d buy the whole CD just for ‘I See Fire’) when I spotted it, halfway hidden behind Lana Del Ray: Reflektor.

With a squeal of glee, I pounced on it. I’d heard a grand total of two songs from it (‘Reflektor’ and ‘Here Comes the Night Time’), and was already totally prepared to buy the album. First of all, those two songs were phenomenal, and secondly, I trust Arcade Fire to make wicked awesome music.

Guess what? They came through for me.

The three best songs on the CD are probably ‘Reflektor’, ‘Here Comes the Night Time’, and ‘Afterlife’.

Here’s a link to a lyric video for the song ‘Reflektor’:

I really like it because…well, it just…there’s something about it. It just…somehow it’s special. I can’t even really pinpoint it.

And here is ‘Here Comes the Night Time’:

It’s basically apocalyptic poetry with an infectious beat. Some of the lyrics just…I mean, “They say heaven’s a place, yeah, heaven’s a place, and they know where it is, but you know where it is, it’s behind a gate that won’t let you in, and when they hear the beat comin’ from the street they lock their doors, but if there’s no music up in heaven, then what’s it for?” Come on. That’s good.

And lastly, here is ‘Afterlife’ (note: this is the actual video, not a lyric video, because this video is a good deal better than most movies):

This song is so beautiful and poignant. It makes me want to cry.

A few other highlights from the album are these:

We Exist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvQwKcefMFo

Joan of Arc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcWTfXLAIWQ

It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fENVQJGc18

If I could, I’d just link you every song on the album. It was all SO amazing. If you can, go buy it right now. I really don’t think you’ll regret it.

Being a Nerd – The Myths

This, written by a girl I know from Project Inspired, is perfect. Absolutely flawless.

Thoughts From a Nerdy Girl

So as many of my fellow nerds may know, there are so many lies and myths surrounding us! People get so many stupid ideas of what a nerd is or is not, and frankly, I think we all get sick of it. So here are my top 5 myths about nerds… DEBUNKED!

1. We are unsociable – Seriously? I can see where some might get that idea… But really? People have gotten the idea that nerds never go out and meet people, basically sitting in front of their computer all day. Do we binge watch TV sometimes? (Raises hand and whispers “Once Upon a Time” in embarrassment). Do we occasionally stay at home with a book instead of going to a “fun” party? You better believe it! But it isn’t because we are unsociable, it is because we don’t enjoy those things all the time. Sometimes all we want is…

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