Joseph, pt. I

So, I was at Youth Group last night, and Bryce said some stuff that really stuck with me…so I figured I’d share it here, and maybe someone needs to hear it.

He was talking about the story of Joseph, in the Bible. So, our dear friend Joseph (let’s call him Joe) had sort of a rough go of it. His bros didn’t want him around, so they were, like, ‘Let’s kill him’. But then they thought, ‘Oh, no, let’s throw him in a pit and then sell him to slave traders’. So that’s what they did.

Okay, so, maybe that’s not exactly how it went, but you get the idea.

But there is this verse that keeps popping up when all this crappy stuff is happening to Joe: ‘And God was with him.’

So, Joe get’s sold to this important dude in Egypt, called Potiphar. Now, Joe’s the sort od dude that, even though he’s a slave, rises to the top. So pretty soon, he’s in charge of the whole house, and Potiphar trusts him with everything.

The Potiphar’s wife gets eyes for Joe. Uh-oh, right?

So she tries to convince him to lie with her. Now, you’ve got to understand that this wasn’t just a one-time deal. She kept persisting and persisting, and it probably wasn’t easy for Joe to refuse. As Bryce put it, Potiphar was an important dude, and he probably had a hot wife. But Joe stands his ground.

He does the right thing and keeps refusing, so he didn’t really deserve what happened next.

One day, all the other people were out of the house, and Potiphar’s wife tries to force Joe to lie with her, and he refuses and runs, but, as he was taking off, the nasty lady got a hold of his jacket and he left it there. So she screams and calls everyone else back and tells them that Joseph was doing what she had been doing.

So guess what? Joe gets thrown in prison. He does all the right things, and the wrong thing happens. That’s how it is sometimes. What’s with that?

We get thrown into these situations that we can’t change and we had nothing to do with. But just because you do the right thing and the wrong thing happens doesn’t mean God isn’t with you.

That’s as far as Bryce got. I’ll do a continuation of this as soon as he does a continuation next week. Hopefully someone reading this really needed to hear it.